Harmonious Homes is a veteran owned small business founded by Keshawn Finney. Our company office is located in Round Rock, Tx. Harmonious Homes buys and sells properties throughout Central Texas and we strive to build relationships with homeowners and investors alike because to us, “Names Are More Important Than Numbers.”

We specialize in buying properties FAST utilizing creative real estate techniques that are squarely focused on the you, the seller. We know that every situation is different and we want to help you choose the solution that best suits your individual or family needs. We would be delighted to have a conversation with you to better comprehend your situation so that we can help identify a solution that helps you reach your desired level of harmony. I’m sure that by working together we can identify a solution that works best for your unique situation.

As you know, the standard practice of selling your home consists of finding and contracting with a Realtor to list your home on the MLS. This is not active marketing and you are essentially just waiting for a buyer that may be looking for a home in your neighborhood to show up so your Realtor can point them to your property.

Now this standard method of selling your home works for a lot of people. However, often times, it can take a long period of time, can be cost prohibitive, and is less desirable for the millions of sellers that have a need to SELL FAST or a desire to get out from under a mortgage. Many also don’t want the hassles of leaving the property anytime a potential buyer thinks they might be interested only to have them point out every little flaw and not make an offer. We also know that often times life happens and in many cases sellers do not have the money for repairs, the equity in the property, or the luxury of time to allow a Realtor to show your property to multiple buyers that may or may not be interested in your property.hug

If you have a unique financial situation, a little or a lot of equity, or just want to get out from under a mortgage we can help. We can buy FAST and CLOSE QUICKLY. We have methods in place for buying homes regardless of the home’s condition.

At Harmonious Homes, we are sincerely focused on helping people that need to sell their homes or are having issues listing the property. We are dedicated to working with homeowners to help them find a solution that is beneficial to their life plan and we have the necessary know how and unique solutions to help them achieve their desired level of success.

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